If you park under a tree, you may notice tree sap on the windows. Parking under trees may seem ideal in the heat, but it leaves a sticky mess. The good news is you don't have to replace the glass. Removing tree sap is time consuming, but it costs less than taking it to a professional. Here are tips to clean tree sap from auto glass. 

Prepare to Work ' For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • cotton ball
  • microfiber rags
  • liquid dish soap
  • rubbing alcohol
  • baking soda (optional)
  • mineral spirits
  • WD 40 cooking oil, lard, or bacon grease
  • hose

Act immediately when you notice tree sap on the glass, since sap that sits a long time is harder to clean. Pre-clean the sap by spraying the glass with the hose.

 Let it dry, then go back over the vehicle with a microfiber rag soaked in dish soap and hot water, then rinse.. The hot water should soften the sap  which makes it easier to remove with other methods. Regardless of the cleaning method you use, follow it up with a regular wash and wax.

Clean with Oil-based Products

Mineral spirits has the potential to damage paint, but it is not as flammable as turpentine. The secret is to avoid  areas with paint and to scrub gently. Test the cleaner on a hidden area of the vehicle, such as a side mirror corner. 

Moisten a micro fiber cloth in mineral spirits,  hold it over the sap several  minutes, then rinse with a clean cloth moistened in hot water. If necessary, use your fingernail to scrape remnants, then rinse again.

For an even less toxic way to clean the sap, apply cooking oil. Cooking oil won't damage the paint. Dab some cooking oil on the sap, let it set, then rinse. You may also use other similar oil-based products such as bacon grease, or lard.

Try Alcohol -Based Cleaners

If the sap has dried, try rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer Soak a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol or the sanitizer, and apply it to the sap; avoiding the paint. Rubbing alcohol dries quickly, so reapply it as needed. 

.Let the alcohol soak several minutes, then add some WD40. Proceed to add WD40, and wipe the surface until the sap has been removed. 

As an alternative, apply some nail polish remover with a cotton ball. Make a paste of one-third cup of baking soda and some water to rinse the remover. 

It may take experimenting with more than one method to remove the tree sap. If you don't trust your skill, or the sap is on the paint, or it still won't come off,take the vehicle to a professional auto detailer.