There are usually two types of car people, the ones that clean and take good care of their car inside and out, and the ones that still have last winters salt on the exterior and enough gravel to fill a bucket on the interior. If you fall into the second category, then you need to read on for tips on cleaning the interior of your car and how to keep it clean. 

Remove Everything

Get everything out of your car that isn't supposed to be in a car. Your car isn't the place to store clothing, shoes, files or important paperwork (except your registration and proof of insurance). If you have any of these things in your car, take them out. Once you get rid of the clutter you can start cleaning.

Start Vacuuming

Vacuum every square inch of your interior with a shop vacuum or your home vacuum if that's all you have to work with. You can also take it to your local car wash and use one of their automatic vacuums. Use the hose extensions to get into smaller crevices such as beneath the seats or in between the seat and the backrest. If you have floor mats, make sure to remove these and vacuum beneath them. Floor mats that can be washed (such as rubber mats) should be removed and cleaned with soap and water, then left out to dry before replacing them in your car.

Wipe Down Everything

Wipe down every hard surface in your car using either a damp cloth or an interior car cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to clean the windows using a window cleaner and a separate microfiber cloth. Roll the windows down just a bit to get rid of the dirt line across the top of the window.

To get in smaller areas use q-tips or you can use a small foam brush, especially in areas such as your vents. 

Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

After you have your car thoroughly clean, you'll want to take a few steps to keep it looking clean.

  • Keep interior cleaning wipes in your car, this way when it starts to look dusty or you have a spill you can clean it up immediately with the wipes.
  • Vacuum your car out at least once per week to get rid of dirt, gravel, salt, leaves or grass clippings that may follow you into the car.
  • Don't allow anyone to eat in your car so you don't end up with random french fries or other food leftover in your car or rubbed into the seats.
  • Remove everything from your car each time you come home, don't leave items in your car to use it as storage.
  • Have your car professionally detailed at least a few times per year.

If you are someone that doesn't clean your car too often, leave it to a professional instead and have the work done for you. Take your car to a professional auto detailer or car cleaning service to have your exterior and interior cleaned for you.